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At RAI-Systems – Advanced Integrated Systems we specialize in Business Solutions, Network Optimization and Security


As the technology landscape continually evolves it can be costly and complex to sustain the skills required to meet your ever-changing needs in-house. More and more organizations are choosing to outsource their IT requirements and Tech Support, allowing them to focus on their core business and competitive differentiation, rather than manage their own tech support.

There are many reasons why organizations come to Rai-Systems for IT support, and tailored IT outsourcing solutions:

  • Time constraints – you have a product or service to develop and you’ve got to get it into the market before your competitor does Resource limitations – your business is growing exponentially but your resources can’t cope with the growth
  • Lack of skills– you need the best talent, but it’s scarce / out of reach / expensive
  • Cost– significantly less costly than in-house alternatives Infrastructure Outsourcing From maintaining a highly available web cluster to complete operational management of business infrastructure, Rai-Systems Infrastructure Outsourcing model is designed to match your business requirements and budget.

We provide expert support and advice, plus comprehensive, industry standard monitoring systems for all your Virtualisation, Microsoft and Linux-based platform needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff, and only employ industry certified consultants with dedicated senior people assigned to every account, guaranteeing depth and breadth of support in critical business operations. Our partnering approach is designed to minimize your costs through rapid technology adoption, streamlining operation through systems automation and simplifying support. The result is a WIN-WIN partnership that delivers. Service Desk Operations By employing a state of the art service delivery model, Rai-Systems achieves unparalleled service quality and support.

By combining ITIL based systems and process we strive to deliver best-practice, 24/7, year in year out. Our innovative approach to Service Desk Operations has redefined the service delivery landscape, providing efficient desktop support and IT Management. By promoting quality over quantity and customer service over process we are different because we: Employ Consultants, not Call Centre Agents. All staff undertakes the same rigorous recruitment process used for the field consulting teams, including technical examination and psychometric profiling.

Provide 24/7 Service Desk operations, staffed 365 days of the year, Australian based. Take a collaborative approach to Incident Management to drive “first call fix” rates. This fosters a learning culture so client issues are resolved rapidly compared to process intensive and outdated escalation models. Create near zero staff churn by offering a defined career path, learning opportunities and incentives. This guarantees knowledge retention and client familiarity and fosters a team spirit. Efficiency is enhanced and costs controlled.

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